Language and Literature In the last two weeks of our Language and Literature classes we were introduced to the topic ‘Mise-en-scene’. We had an introduction activity in which we viewed photographs of scenes from various movies and discussed what we could interpret. We were also introduced to our new unit after an introduction activity onContinue reading

MYP 3B      BLOG 20 SEP 2019 Language and Literature In the past two weeks we reviewed the concept of an internal monologue, we were shown two videos to help us understand internal monologue better, and a FA was conducted on the same topic.  Later were guided how to write a compare and contrast essay.  Continue reading

Language and Literature In the past two weeks we did numerous activities related to the novel “My Family and Other Animals”.  We wrote the summary and understood how to annotate a text. We also analysed the main characters of the novel and did a comparative analysis of the book cover and a movie poster ofContinue reading

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