2 March, 2020


Language and LiteratureOver the past two weeks we have done media analysis and concluded our unit ‘The King’s Speech’. We have also been revising Mise-en-Scene and have used it to compare two pieces of literary text. Recently, we were introduced to ‘Doll’s House’, our next unit. In class we had insightful discussions on feminism and shared our understanding of the topic. Kris Varghese MYP 3B
SciencePhysics Last week we completed the topic ‘Magnetic Forces’ with a  Formative Assessment in which we varied the strength of the electromagnet by changing the current passing through the coil. Then we started our new topic on ‘Gravitational Force’ by visiting the Library where we were divided into pairs and were given topics to research from the books allotted to us. We then summarized the information in our journals. Vir Singh Brar MYP 3B   Chemistry We discussed and compared the characteristic properties of organic and inorganic compounds. Through a demonstration we were also able to observe some differences between the compounds. We further explored the hydrocarbon families such as alkanes, alkenes and alkynes. We learned to apply the general formula to work out the molecular, structural and condensed formulae for various alkanes. We had a feedback session on our homework task sheet and worked on improvements post the discussion. Ritvik Singal MYP 3B and Kabir Suri MYP 3A     Biology We completed our Formative Assessment on an investigation task on seed germination. We also learnt about scientific names and binomial nomenclature. Ritvik Singhal MYP 3B
Individual and SocietiesAs part of our unit ‘Nationalism’, we learnt about the causes of World War I and the role of alliances. As a part of our assessment, we have started research on significant individuals who were national heroes and the role they played in WWI. We have learnt about the Treaty of Versailles and enjoyed doing the Infographic homework in which we have to recreate the Treaty assuming Germany was part of the negotiations. As a part of student-led learning, Aarush from MYP 4 presented the causes of World War II and introduced us to the topics of Great Depression and the Policy of Appeasement. Akshat Batra MYP 3C
MathematicsLast week we started learning about volume of different 3D shapes like cylinders, sphere, hemisphere, cone, cube and cuboid. We learnt how volume can be defined as the 3-dimensional space enclosed by a boundary. We also learned to calculate the volume of compound shapes. Through the week we were given different exercises and activities to help deepen our knowledge of volume. We practiced a test on Assesprep which helped us to learn how to type formulas and do calculations digitally. We also took a Formative Assessment on Assesprep. This week we strengthened our knowledge on volume of 3D figures and started a new unit called ‘Triangle Geometry’, commonly known as Trigonometry. We discussed the different aspects of triangle geometry and explored the Key Concept , Related Concept and Global Context for the unit. We framed our own inquiry questions. As a starter activity we took a quiz to check our prior understanding of Pythagoras Theorem. Devyaani Agarwal MYP 3B
Language Acquisition  French Phase 1  In the past two weeks, we built on our vocabulary on our likes and dislikes and our weekend activities through various interactive means. We role-played and made the other team guess the action done. It was a highly engaging way of revision of what we had learnt. We also had our Formative Assessment on Criterion B.  Aniruddh Verma MYP 3C     French Phase II We continued to build on our understanding of past perfect tense ‘passe compose’. To build our confidence, we wrote blogs and letters describing what we did over the weekends. We also presented a monologue to the class on different topics based on leisure activities. We also took a Formative Assessment on  Criterion B and received feedback from our teacher. 
Ritwik Sharma MYP 3A     Spanish Phase II Over the last two weeks, we read texts based on free time activities and did some grammar exercises. Later, we learnt how to write texts like informal letters and blogs in Spanish. During the last class, we played a series of interesting Kahoot quizzes to strengthen the vocabulary related to our current unit.
Advika Nahar
MYP 3C      Spanish Phase III We read texts on global warming and recorded a podcast on environment issues and possible solutions. Aryan Dalal MYP 3A   Hindi This week we worked on our Formative Assessment 2 presentations. Each of us was given a Sustainable Development Goal that was in correlation with our current unit, and we were supposed to make a 6-8 slide presentation on it. After finishing our presentations, each of us had to fill out a  Microsoft/Google form that acted as a reflection for the formative. Arjun Ahlawat MYP 3A
E-PortfolioDigital Design In the last two weeks, we completed Criterion A and were assessed on it. We were also introduced to our unit, where we will learn to make a website addressing the global challenges of tomorrow. We then started working on Criterion A, which is the planning that is needed to build a website. In the first two strands, we had to write the design problem and the research table that will help us gather information for the website. We also explored tips that could help us improve our website. In the last strands, we researched on an existing product and a design brief to get an idea on how to start work on our own website. We got two weeks to finish Criterion A post which we were assessed and are currently working on the  feedback given to us. Aarna Garg MYP 3B     Visual Arts Towards the end of the last academic term, we touched upon wood-cut printmaking, and as we started Term 2, we deep-dived into the topic. We completed our research, and started making our layouts, keeping in mind different social issues. These layouts served as our Formative Assessments, and our final product is to be a print of the layout. We have started printmaking techniques to develop manual and digital printmaking media. Through our research work we are trying to analyze the difference between manual and digital print making and how print making has changed through ages.   Ahhana Verma MYP 3B   Product Design Before we started creating our products, safety rules were discussed to avoid accidents in the lab. Over the last two weeks, we have been busy cutting and sanding wooden pieces to create our products and have completed our Criterion A. Maria Kuttikadan MYP 3C   Theatre We have finally started delivering our mock TED talks. Each of us presented a piece that resonated with us. While replicating the finer details of the actual character, we have come to realize how we take so much for granted when we see people talk, act or perform. Apart from this task, we have also been given the added responsibility of making a logo for TED talks by using waste material. Keeping in mind the theme of sustainability for this year, we collected unwanted waste as a class and are trying to make a signage for ourselves. Arjun Ahlawat MYP 3A     Music We have started composing a melody line for the lyrics we had created in our last assignment. We reflected on some concepts (scale and chords) and used our understanding of the music theory to work out the elements and find the chord progression for our songs.  We learnt about different chord progressions that we could use for the various sections of our songs. We also watched a video on how popular singer-songwriters create lyrics and different chord progressions for their melodies using perfect and plagal cadence. Agastya Krishna Gopal Makkar MYP 3A Physical and health education We continued with our unit on ‘Fitness and Wellness’. We discussed the relationship between health and fitness. We researched the 12 minute Cooper Run Test and used the test to check our endurance levels.  Aryan Dalal MYP 3A

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