Language and LiteratureIn the past two weeks, we have learned about propaganda and understood how to analyze it. We have examined the key elements and defining features of propaganda. We also used the previously learned elements of Mise-En-Scene to scrutinize propaganda posters from World War II. As a homework task, we modernized an old World War II poster by creating our own posters based on food wastage. Recently, we have started Compare and Contrast, a concept we have done many times in the past but in this particular scenario, we learned how to analyze an audio-visual text rather than a still image. Diya Kansal MYP 3B
SciencePhysics In the past week, we learned about different types of magnets, electric charges and electric field lines. We created a Venn diagram to identify the similarities and differences between electric and magnetic field lines. Through this activity, we were able to understand the concepts more clearly. We also learned a new concept – Electromagnetism. We explored the advantages of using electromagnets over permanent magnets and found out the various real-life applications for them. Rishi Garhyan MYP 3 B   Chemistry We discussed hydrocarbons to explore the aromatic and aliphatic compounds. We practised diagrammatic representation of alkanes, alkenes and alkynes. We had a feedback session on the weekend homework and noted the keywords that were missing in our responses. Aniruddh Verma MYP 3C   Biology We have started an investigation task on seed germination, which is also a Formative Assessment on Criteria B and C. We are working in groups and will be formulating a question, collecting and analyzing the data on the topic. Ritvik Singal MYP3B
Individual and SocietiesOver the past few weeks we have further explored the concepts of Nationalism, Liberalism and Patriotism. We deepdived into the history of the German and Italian unification, where we learned about Otto Van Bismarck’s nationalistic ideas and how his ‘Blood and Iron’ policy unified Germany. As a part of student-led learning, Avi Dhall of MYP 4 took a guest lecture on events that led up to the German Unification. It was a fascinating session. We then ventured into the world of the ‘Web of Alliance System’ which was started by Bismarck and had far reaching effects leading up to World War I. This was followed by our first Formative Assessment which tested us on our understanding of Nationalism and the Alliance Systems that existed prior to World War 1. Gatik Johar MYP 3A
MathematicsOver the past two weeks, we have learned how to find the volume and surface area of different 3D figures and prisms. There were various activities we undertook which enhanced our knowledge on the topic. We also had our first Formative Assessment where we had to calculate the surface area of a sand castle.    Ruchir Sharma MYP 3 C
Language Acquisition  FRENCH Phase 1  During this week we learnt how to use two verbs ‘faire’ and ‘jouer’ to talk about our weekend and leisure activities. We did a group activity ‘Unjumble the Tumble’ where we found out the correct title for the picture and categorised them into ‘faire de’, ‘jouer à’ and ‘jouer de’. We also learnt the structures to be used with these verbs, revisiting the contracted article in order to talk about activities, musical instruments and sports. We watched a video on French people across all ages, talking about their hobbies and learnt some new vocabulary and sentence structures through that.  Aryan Tomar MYP 3C   Phase II This week, we got acquainted with a new tense in French – the Past Perfect Tense. It was introduced through group activities such as creating stories, ‘Unjumble the Tumble’ which helped us in understanding the concept better. We also watched a video showcasing the leisure activities of people in Francophone countries, followed by a class discussion comparing their lifestyle with ours. It was a very interactive session as we learnt more about their culture and lifestyle.    Chirant Mukherji MYP 3A         SPANISH Phase I We watched videos, and read articles on city and rural life. We also read about the problems of living in a big city and possible solutions, post which we made posters showcasing our understanding of the issue. Aryan Tomar MYP 3C     HINDI Capable In the past few weeks of our Hindi lessons, we learned about SDG goals we made PPT’s on one particular SDG goal picked up by us. As a part of our Formative Assessment, we read a story titled ‘Kaal Aur Mai’ and answered questions on it. We used a Hindi Google input tool to practice Hindi typing and to work on all our assignments.  Gunika Singh  MYP3 A    HINDI Emergent Last week we continued our unit on weekend and leisure activities, where we discussed what we did over the weekend. We had ‘read aloud’ the story activity and discussed the stories with our classmates. We read a poem called ‘Aao Kuch Kaam Kare’, and wrote the meaning of the difficult words in the poem. We took dictation from a book in the class library and corrected the words we got wrong. Kritansh Kapoor MYP 3B
E-PortfolioProduct Design We looked at samples of previous year portfolios and understood how to write our design problems, and organise primary and secondary research. We brainstormed on our product ideas and created 4 feasible design ideas. We are in the process of exploring various tools available in the Design lab to create our products. Aniruddh Verma MYP3C VISUAL ARTS  – missing   Digital Design We have been working on Criterion A of the design cycle for the past two weeks. We are all creating websites related to the global challenges that will be faced in the future. We have brainstormed ideas for websites that we could create, as well as potential clients for our websites. We have created questions that we will research through various means, and have justified the need for those questions. We have also researched websites that are similar to the ones that we are thinking of so we can draw inspiration and improve on elements that the other websites did not execute very well. Lastly, we created brief descriptions of what we imagine our final website to be and why we want to create those websites. We have just been given feedback and will be assessed next week. Rishi Garhyan MYP 3B     Theatre Preparing for the first leg of our mock TED talks is what’s been our agenda the past two weeks. While we are discovering the attention to detail in each video, we are realizing how we used to assume that delivering talks was an easy task. Balancing our breath, moving across the floor, aligning hand gestures and facial expressions with words and most of all, working on detailed replication – all these factors are now adding to our skills and helping us grow to be able to deliver powerful monologues and soliloquies. Shashwat Joglekar MYP 3C   Music In the previous weeks, based on the theme of ‘Sustainability’, we worked in groups to write lyrics for different sections of our songs. This week, each group presented their song, and explained the process of creation of the lyrics. It was a joyful experience to learn about each group’s idea on the topic and the phrases, rhyme schemes and structures used in their songs. We were given some guiding questions by the teacher that not only helped us express our ideas but also aided us with the process of lyric writing. Pratha Mishra MYP 3C   Physical and Health Education We participated in the Inter House Athletic Meet 2020 post which we continued with our unit on ‘Fitness and Wellness’. We discussed how the different components of physical fitness have specific roles in different sports. We also discussed ways to improve each of these components. Aditya Sharma MYP 3B

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